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Wedding day makeup: What to avoid

Instead of the usual list of items to do on your wedding day, makeup artist Melissa Mercedes is sharing her list of items to avoid when getting all made-up for your big day.

1. Don’t skip foundation. Even if you have flawless skin, it won’t show in photographs unless you apply foundation. You see, the light bounces off your face differently when the skin tone is evened out with the foundation. Foundation is your key to a picture-perfect look.

2. Avoid applying foundation on bare skin. If you skip moisturizer and apply foundation on bare skin, it doesn’t have anything to stick to and it will suffocate your skin. You don’t want your face to break out the next morning! A good foundation primer is also essential to allow the makeup to glide on smoothly and blend to a flawless finish.

3. Don’t be tempted to use regular mascara. You might not be the crying type, but why be surprised? A wedding is precisely the event when the smallest thing can trigger a waterfall. Don’t let emotions ruin your makeup! Go waterproof! (Also see my eyelash curling tips.)

4. Avoid eyebrow maintenance too close to the wedding day. When we’re nervous or stressed, skin becomes much more sensitive. Even if you’ve never had breakouts or red bumps after having your eyebrows waxed, there’s a chance you could get them now when you are extra sensitive! So have your eyebrows done four to five days before the wedding to give them a chance to heal.

5. Don’t skip powder. Apply translucent powder over your foundation to set your makeup. Otherwise, it will look good the first couple of hours but then will fade away along with the rest of your face.

6. Don’t forget to apply eye shadow base. You know very well what happens from your experience with everyday makeup: your eye shadows will look good for about two hours. Afterward, they collect into the creases or simply fade away. Don’t let it happen to you on your wedding day. Use eye shadow base (or shadow primer) before applying shadow.

7. Avoid pencil eye liner. Wax-based pencil liners melt! Use cake or gel eyeliner that will stay put until you take it off. Some brands are even waterproof.

8. Avoid penciled-on brows. For a contemporary look, use eyebrow powder to ensure that your eyebrows look well-defined, yet natural — and will not melt or fade away.

9. Avoid using “long-lasting” lipsticks. The long-lasting lipsticks on the market today can cause drying and cracking. Not exactly kiss-ready lips! Outline your lips first with a lip pencil, apply lipstick and blot with a folded tissue, then re-apply color. This will leave a lot of pigment on your lips and the lipstick will stay on longer. Add lip gloss for a set of lips your groom can’t resist!

10. Don’t try a new look. You need a classic, elegant and timeless look for your wedding. You can go a bit stronger with wedding makeup than your everyday routine, but now is not the time for bold, smokey eyes and dramatic trends. You will regret it looking back at your photos. Natural, but better is key.

Photos by Shawna Noel Photography

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