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Should you see each other before the ceremony?

Everybody has heard of the superstition that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony. In this day and age, many couples are choosing to forgo tradition and set aside time before the ceremony to take pictures. They are choosing to do a first look. Typically first looks take place at a location of the couples choosing and is just the couple and their photographer. This allows for an intimate moment between the bride and groom that may be hard to come by during the day! After, pictures of the bride and groom, wedding party and formals with family can all be taken. Once the ceremony is over, everyone can relax and the bride and groom can spend time with friends and family without the pressure of pictures.

Photographer Katie Lewis asked what a few of her brides from 2009 had to say about their first look experience.

Couple : Megan and Mark Proulx

Why did you do a first look?
Mark and I did a first look because we chose to take pictures before the wedding and wanted the first time we saw each other to be special! Also, it helped ease nerves and pre-wedding jitters to see each other before.

Were you happy you did the first look and would you do it again?
Yes! The pictures from the first look were very special! :) We looked so excited!

How did your groom feel about it?
He liked it, I believe for the same reasons. Its nice to see each other and get your tears and nerves out!

Do you feel like it took some of the pressure off?
Absolutely. I was much more composed at the ceremony.

Some brides worry that having a first look will ruin the experience of walking down the aisle. Did you feel like this happened for you?
No. Walking down the aisle was just as special and the excitement of seeing him waiting for you at the front of the church brought completely different emotions.

Couple : Madison and Jake Murray

Why did you do a first look?
Well, my husband and I got married on a Friday evening in the summer, with the reception right after. Since we had all afternoon, we figured it was a good idea to do pictures before and take all the time we need without feeling rushed.

Were you happy you did a first look and would you do it again?
I loved doing our first look; Katie found a great place outside the church for us to meet and I felt so giddy and excited for Jake to turn around. I would love to do a first look again … with the same guy of course :) The excitement of seeing each other for the first time all day is well worth the wait.

How did your groom feel about it?
Jake was on board for the first look. It’s a special moment for just the two of us where we can be ourselves and kiss and cry without feeling staged or awkward.

Do you feel like it took some of the pressure off?
On the day of the wedding and once the party was at the church, I was already relieved, but taking pictures and first looks early in the day was a great way to relieve the stress and pressure of sitting around a hot church not being able to see the one you love. Plus its a great way to spend time with your party and take some fun pictures, especially when you’ve got a fun, laid-back photographer.

Some brides worry that having a first look will ruin the experience of walking down the aisle. Did you feel like this happened for you?
As far as the bad luck in seeing each other before the wedding, I don’t see anything bad in it. To be honest, I think seeing your future husband/wife before is a special time filled with ‘I love yous’ and the laughs of ‘I can’t believe we’re doing this’ helps bring the stress level down when you know the other one is just as happy and excited as you. I felt there was no bad luck at all. We had a beautiful day. It was a day filled with our family and friends that people still talk about to this day. After five months of being married, I’d say we’re doing pretty good!


This post was written by the fun (and funny!) Katie from Katie Lewis Photography. Katie Lewis is a North Dakota wedding, senior and child photographer based in Fargo. Here’s a quick Q+A with Katie :

How long have you been in business?
I have been in business since 2006.

Who is your ideal client?
My ideal client is someone who believes that photography is a very important part of their wedding day. They are fun, creative, go with the flow and like to laugh and have fun.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love having fun with my clients on their big days and having clients that are totally willing to let me try new and creative things.

Did you go to school or are you self-taught?
I did go to school. I have my Bachelors in Photojournalism from MSUM. After finishing up my degree there I moved out east to attend the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. I graduated from there in 2006 and moved back to Fargo to start my business.

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