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Répondez, s’il vous plaît

It’s French for “please reply.” Traditionally, couples have had their wedding guests RSVP with a response card enclosed into a separate envelope. Today, few couples still use the traditional response card method because there are many more options available.

The RSVP Postcard is a nice way to considerably cut the cost of postage by using a postcard stamp versus the normal first class stamp. Guests no longer have to stuff the response into an envelope; they just have to mark their reply and place it in the mailbox.

How clever and fresh are these wedding postcards from Song 3:4?

Couples who want to save money on stamps or save a few trees may go with a less traditional method to RSVP such as requesting guests call, text, email, or use a web site to make reservations for the big party.

When using a more technological route don’t forget to consider your audience. We all have that Uncle Bob who has never turned a computer on and will gripe about not being able to contact you. In this case it may be best to include a telephone number along with your email/web site as an option to respond.

Trends have changed enough to where couples using non-traditional methods are getting a very clear count on the number of people attending the ceremony and reception. Regardless of the current trends, the best option is for you to know your audience and send the RSVP that will ensure you get the best head count.

What type of RSVP card will/did you use and did you get a good response?


This post was written by Lindsay at Song 3:4.

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