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Personal attendant to the rescue!

Photo by Milestones Photography

A personal attendant will bustle a dress, fix a broken zipper with pliers, and help the bride go to the bathroom, among many other things. Selecting a good personal attendant (PA) can take a lot of pressure off of the bride. Shawna Noel Photography asked Kelsey, a recent bride, and Megan, her fabulous personal attendant, to share a few tips about selecting and being a personal attendant.

Kelsey’s tips for picking a personal attendant :

• You need to have someone who is organized and detail-oriented. It is the PA’s job to pick up where the bride left off (brides can be a little scatter brained on the big day!).
• A great personal attendant is someone who is not afraid to speak up and interject. That may include telling a group of people (guests or bridal party) what to do or suggesting a change in plans. A good PA need not hide in the corner and be silent.
• A good PA should be creative. They may come to the rescue on a “getting ready” issue or even suggest a creative picture idea.
• Lastly, I would suggest a PA with whom the bride feels comfortable around. The PA will be the one you tell your most personal needs to so the PA should be open and willing to help you in any way possible.

Here’s Kelsey and Matt on their wedding day :

Photo by Shawna Noel Photography

Megan, Kelsey’s personal attendant, tied the knot about three years ago. She adores weddings and was excited to help Kelsey on her wedding day. She says the key to being a fabulous personal attendant is simply to make sure the bride doesn’t have to worry about anything on her wedding day and to stay organized.

Megan’s tips for personal attendants :

• Work with the vendors to make sure everything gets set up the way it needs to.
• Focus on the schedule for the day to make sure everyone stays on track.
• Assist photographers during formal photos (locating family members/re-applying lip gloss/etc).
• Bring an emergency kit with stain remover, safety pins, bobby pins, etc. (Check out a good emergency kit list here.)
• Pack up the bride’s/attendants stuff and take it where it needs to go.
• Make sure everything runs smoothly at the reception.

Megan hard at work during Kelsey’s wedding :

Photo by Shawna Noel Photography

Do you have any tips for being or selecting a personal attendant? Share them in the comments section!

February 9, 2011 - 4:36 pm Min - Thanks for the ideas! I appreciated the positive tone - I'm now excited to be a personal attendant!

May 26, 2011 - 8:54 pm Jennifer Olson - I loved being personal attenedent for my friends. I prefer it to being a bridesmaid. I am very organized and have an eye for detail. To me it was giving a part of myself to ensure my friends had the wedding of thier dreams without having to worry about the details. Not only did the bride apprecitate what I did, but the groom and the parents of the couple. It left them to enjoy the day and the money they spent on the wedding. I am actually starting a personal attenedent business for those brides who does not have the friends who are well oraganized or would be offended if asked to be a personal attendent vs a bridesmaid.

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