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Fresh Friday

Happy Friday! Today’s Fresh Friday is kind of a mixed bag of ideas. I get so bookmark happy during the week, and when I go back to look at them, not everything really flows together. Much like my days! Enjoy!

First up, I’m a desert lover – cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, chocolate, even if it’s just a small Andes dinner mint, I will even eat it after breakfast. As much as I love wedding cake, I’m really loving the popularity of cupcakes. There is so much you can do with displaying and colors and flavors! Check out this DIY cupcake stand.

Speaking of DIY, check out this massive gallery of wedding favor ideas, and if you are a DIY-er, you must look at this bargain shop online Save On Crafts! Vases, bowls, lighting, ribbon, tulle, feathers, flowers, favors, guest books, balloons, even jewelry – what a bargain.

Look at this, I’m grouping my thoughts together … While on the topic of favors and decorations, I have a new plant fascination – air plants. They are fantastic little guys. Don’t let the name fool you, they do need a soak in some water about once a week, but you can put them ANYWHERE, without soil! Just look at what this hotel does with them. They look like mini fireworks. They would make great table pieces, especially in glass containers. They are not that expensive, and there are colors: Pink, red, yellow, but this spiral shape is my favorite.

I think these little self-watering pots would make great gifts – anytime!

It must be the weather, but I’m loving plants and flowers at the moment. But to bring it in to bridal style, Martha’s idea of the day: Fresh Flowers for Your Hair. You could work a flower into almost all of these celeb styles.

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria was married on June 19th. But it was a weekend-long affair, and I love her classic, royal style. What a fairly tale. Or does everyone begin their wedding weekend with a concert gala!?

It may not be a royal wedding, but who wouldn’t want cute little guys at their wedding? I just love this real wedding – at a wildlife park! Put them at the top of your guest list – giraffes and penguins!

Fresh Friday!

Helloooo Friday!

Let’s start of with some color, color, color – brighten things up after that dreadful weather yesterday.
And what better style for color than style from the ’80s! I have no idea who could pull this off, but I’m tempted. How totally rad would it be to get an invite to an ’80s-themed wedding?! See more color from this shoot here – including shoes, headband, flowers.

But why stop at accessories? Not all bridal gowns are white. But if you do go for white, add some pop with snazzy shoes (if your are getting married around here, these days you may need the galoshes).

Speaking of shoes, my friend, Toni, recently walked down the aisle. How adorable are these boots? Her dress was long and covered them, so I’m so happy we have this photo. They need to be seen!

photo by Brandi Coldwell,

But enough about fashion and style (NEVER!), but yes, moving on. I have not seen the movie Bride Wars, with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, but I’m sure that quite often friends and relatives are planning weddings in the same year. You are both starting to make arrangements … and you want to avoid conflict. How do you avoid Bride Wars? (Has anyone seen the movie? Thumbs up or down?)

Recently, I stumbled upon a wedding site from the UK. You & Your Wedding covers everything – planning, beauty, honeymoons, gifts. And I had no idea that rehearsal dinners were a US tradition, and the trend is headed to the UK. And, for that giving groom of yours – if he needs tips on ways to be romantic.

This MSN feature is pretty great, msn glo! Here are some relationship reads: The Husband Whisperer (I love that), and 9 Secrets Happy Couples Shouldn’t Keep.

Fresh Friday!

I just can’t get enough sunshine and spring/summer warmth. And because of that, I’m in a floraly (yes, made up word) mood and I’m sharing it with you. Recently, I’ve decided that even dandelions, when they are yellow and in a full field (not my yard, but actually wild) can be a happy sight. Wildflowers could make for some lovely wedding decor. And there are plenty of creative ways to display them on tables: Bottles or glass (I love the variety of shapes and sizes), antique containers, wooden boxes,  even shot glasses! Or add floral touches in other aspects of the day! Check out this decorating guide from Pottery Barn.

On the fashion front, I have an update. A while back I mentioned TOMS wedding line. Now, they are introducing wedges! These are much more feminine then the wedding style, and if you still feel as if you would like to contribute to their cause, I think the wedges are a great summer shoe choice. And bridesmaids would love them, because much like dresses, how often do you wear the shoes again? Just look at the wedge possibilities from the city sage!

Have you heard – the new Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer Issue is available! And it’s dedicated to DIY. Here are some of my favorites (and these slide shows are lenthy, so make sure you have time to browse):
Good Things for Summer Weddings
Cake and Cupcake Toppers
Wedding Updos

I’m going to end today with a song. A happy song. A love song. A song I can listen to over and over. At first, I just loved the music and instruments. Then I decided I love the singer’s voice. Then, I actually listened to the lyrics. And if you listen long enough, in the last few seconds he describes the true meaning. Please enjoy Excuses, by The Morning Benders.

Fresh Friday!

Let’s go GaGa, etsy style! Someone somewhere could totally pull this off, and I would love to see the photos, or you could just invite me!

Big is in for jewelry! And these necklaces are big, bright and beautiful! I think something like this would be gorgeous this summer with a strapless dress.

And if you don’t believe me, look at this real wedding: Lhasa and Adam. She’s simply stunning in her bold necklace and short dress.

Speaking of real wedding style, check out Cherise and Aaron. I should be more specific, check out Cherise’s shoes and the bridesmaid shoes. And her dress is beautiful. How incredibly stylish is this wedding?

Don’t forget the honeymoon! How about these Honeymoon bathing suits, or one pieces.
Or the comfort for lounging.
Relaxed and feminine

I think Rompers are a new staple for summer: Dressier, Casual color, and a little floral.

I’m ending today with a Ruche roundup! This one of my favorite online shops, especially for darling little dresses. Imagine my excitement when I saw the Bridesmaid lookbook, which offers ideas for dresses that your bridesmaids could actually wear again, and again, and again! No more ugly dresses in the back of closets. And they have styles for everything – for bacholorette parties or even rehearsal dinner.

Here are some of my favorite dresses:

Bridesmaids: Solid or print (an adorable summery pattern)

Rehearsal dinner: Silk Blooms or Silk Stripes

Bachelorette party: Feminine Tux or Illuminating print (bring some life to the party!)

Re-think: Church decorations

When decorating the church for your big day, think beyond alter flower arrangements and bows on pews. Lately Brooke from Just Add Water is getting inspired by magazines showing carnation spheres as centerpieces.

For last Saturday’s wedding, Brooke says the bride wanted something different, so she used carnation spheres on square vases at the reception. The bride and groom also wanted a unique look for the church. Brooke thought, why not start at the church with the carnation spheres? Instead of hanging the flowers from a pew, she made a bigger statement with a tall clear vase next to the pew and topped it with her favorite curly willow sticks for some height.

Brooke L-O-V-E-D the way the carnations looked and so did the bride!

Speaking of the bride, she carried soft orange roses which were complimented by red hybericum berries to give it some texture. She wanted simple, yet chic and contemporary flowers.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets were constructed of light blue hydrangea, red hybericum berries, red dahlias and soft orange roses to coordinate with the bride’s bouquet.

Photos by Shawna Noel Photography

Fresh … Tuesday?

It’s been a whirlwind of a week here at Fresh Wed! The mighty name holders at had a little registration confusion about our domain name. After a long talk involving too much technical mumbojumbo, we’re back online. Yay and yay!

So, since I didn’t run Amanda’s fabulous link list last Friday, here it is on a late Monday night.

I’ve been out of the office all week, and it’s Friday, and I have a ton of catching up to do and relatives coming in tonight. So all I have to say for today is…

I adore short dresses. See them here:

Zena and Lance, from Olivia Leigh Photographie

Adam and Hallie

Scott and Jillian

Allyson and Jason

Fresh Friday!

Are you doing your own make-up for your wedding? If you are, there are 3 Celebrity Eye Looks that you can do yourself. I absolutely love the brownish plum look. I wish I could pull of the golden eyes with the red lipstick – so glam and classy.

How sweet is this gift – Happily Ever Afterwards. Such a great concept, and it lasts for years. I don’t know if I would have the patience to not peek ahead in the years!

Now that the sun is shining, I’d like to know who is planning an outdoor wedding! Actually, outdoor weddings are fairly common, but is anyone planning an outdoor reception? I think backyard patios and decks with fun lighting always sets a fun-loving mood, and you could possibly use the Backyard Accessories for reception decorating!
Here are a few photos that also show beautiful lighting:
Bag lanterns
Big light balls
Colors, colors, colors

I dedicate this link to Shawna, who saw the move Up in the theater more than once. Look at this adorable Up! Themed engagement shoot! And there are even more adorable, quirky pictures from their session at wildflowers photography!

A fresh idea for a flower alternative

As a creative alternative to traditional boutonnieres and corsages, Bismarck bride Kelli opted for a diamond-studded square pin. The idea for the square came from Kelli’s dress where the square is used as a belt buckle. Kelli and her husband-to-be Brian made the squares for their wedding.

Bridesmaids wore the square as part of their dresses and groomsmen wore the square pin in place of a boutonniere. Other honored guests, such as the parents and the host couples, also received square pins. Kelli even wore a square in her hair! The overall look was very modern and chic. Plus, the pins never wilted or got smooched from hugging!

Photos by Shawna Noel Photography

Fresh Friday on Saturday :)

Due to an internet failure yesterday, Fresh Friday becomes Fresh Saturday today! Happy weekend, Fresh Wed readers :)

Now, on to Amanda’s links :

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Looking for a signature drink for the reception (or anytime)? Ideas and recipes for chocolate, fruity, and even themed drinks here and here!

For the Grand Forks area… The North Dakota Museum of Art (located on the UND campus) is having a jewelry sale! It’s not listed on there website, but here is a tweet: Chic: ‘stylish’ or ‘smart’, is an element of fashion and the counterpart of posh. “Antique to Chic” Jewelry Sale and Raffle Sunday from 3-5.

Speaking of jewelry, this neat trinkety (yes, I just made that word up) and personalized locket idea would be perfectly suitable for a bridesmaid gift, or any time gift.

It’s been dreary, and we are all ready for warmth and sunshine. The photos of this trendy Jamaican wedding make me wish I was there! What a party! And the bride’s look is beautifully classy.

Are you getting marriage advice and tips like, “Don’t go to bed angry.” Well, some say it’s OK to break the rules! So go ahead and go to bed angry, put yourself first, and be as boring as you want to (sometimes!).

I’m going to wrap it up with a fashion round up full of gowns and accessories (via What Junebug Loves).
Short wedding dresses for every one’s taste… embellished, simple, floral, tulle, you name it!
Tulle, tulle, tulle – layered, fluffy, and detailed.
Floral embellishments - big, small, top to bottom, or somewhere in the middle.
Gorgeous necklaces - if you are a “go big or go home” type of gal! But they truly are gorgeous.
Clutches - sorry, they already did the giveaway. Still, they are adorable,

A romantic garden party

Jessica and Mike tied the knot at Sacred Heart in East Grand Forks last weekend. They wanted an elegant springtime feel to their  wedding, complete with twinkles of candlelight around the room. Brooke and Georgia from Just Add Water created a space inspired by a romantic garden party. Wooden boxes full of snap dragons, lisanthus, corn flower, roses, amaranthus, and eucalyptus served as creative centerpieces. The wooden boxes were a bargain find in Minneapolis; they really pulled the room together.

In addition to the wooden boxes, tall glass vases were filled with river rock and bride’s favorite green amaranthus and curly willow branches.

A beautiful and tasty candy table was a big hit with guests!

Photos by Shawna Noel Photography