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Fresh Friday!

Friday! Finally!

Short and sweet today …

Fall wedding? Here are the hottest nail polish colors for the season!

And speaking of fall, I’m blending in with the dreary days, because I’m loving gray. I would definitely wear one of these gray dresses to a bachelorette party, shower, wedding, and more.

Instead of a guest book, how about a lovely little guest poster?

How fun is this totally awesome invite!

Fresh Friday!


You can never go wrong starting off with fashion – especially shoes. And just a note, I’m loving peachy-nude colors right now. Yes, peachy-nude … You’ll see.
Gorgeous High Heels!
The Nude Louboutin’s = my favorite!
The UK is all about Rockin’ the Peach!
The Vintage Benjamin Roberts = my favorite. It’s simply beautiful.

Speaking of dresses – the newest J.Crew bridal line is here!
And more dresses! I love when anytime red-carpet looks can be turned into bridal looks! More red-carpet turned bridal looks here.

How lovely is this ceremony scene? Look at that back drop of green and blue.

Let them eat cake! Lots, and Lots, and Lots of cake! Yowza.

And finally, two sweet, sweet, stories:
They met in homeroom, 50 years ago, and are having a homeroom wedding!
The decorative details of this 40-year celebration are just sweet.

Fresh Friday

Brief and to the point, exactly they way I’ve been all week long due to craziness and chaos of the first week of school!

Wedding registry tip – Don’t go overboard.

Add some color – I adore these colored birdcage veils. And I just love the picture of the model laughing (bright red lipstick, too)!
Browse more stylish accessories from Wedding Aisle.

An absolutely lovely bouquet.

The best celebrity looks - steal some style for your big day!

Have you seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love? Or read the book? Here is some EPL inspiration:
EPL inspired beauty products
EPL wedding inspiration

You have to see the bride’s shoes!! – Studded and high-heeled at La Venta Inn.

And another studded and high heeled bride – my dear friend Brooke!

Fresh Friday

It’s Friday!

Let’s start off with some exercising! Sigh. But, winter is coming and I usually get stuck in a laziness rut when I don’t get outside that often. Luckily I found out how to burn calories at the mall! Thank goodness, finally a shopping workout. And it’s not quite winter yet … so if you’re still working on those legs so you can wear your summer skirts and shorts – get killer legs with these simple moves! Still not motivated, how about some tunes? Get a new music playlist here or here. And even more here.

After working so hard, you definitely should reward yourself with deliciousness. Click through this slide show, find your state and its signature Midwest cake.  And if you are having a brunch, maybe for your gift opening they day after your wedding, or even for your bridal party the morning of your wedding, here are a few spring and summer brunch recipes.

So you’ve worked your little booty off for months, indulged in deliciousness, now let’s get that beautiful face of yours looking … beautiful!
From lashes, lashes, lashes, and brows, to your lips, lips, lips. But, please, don’t over do it!

And now, some thoughts on decor. I’ve noticed a trend recently in wedding decorating – furniture. Maybe it’s come along with the popularity of vintage or backyard style weddings:
Vintage/Antique (I love the use of the rug!)
and more Vintage (how classy is the old picture frame?)
Backyard or Vintage cocktail hour set up
Chic lounging (apparently the pillows are the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses!)
And a little of everything from modern sleek to Victorian!

And finally this Friday, a real Texas wedding, with everything I love – lights, furniture, candy, cupcakes, succulents, barns, outdoors, bold flowers … JoAnn and Jon I and II!

Fresh Friday!

First this Friday, one of the best first dances EVER – A Dirty Dancing first dance.

Please, click away on i make stuff, by Ashley Meaders. You’ll love it.

I found a great website for color ideas, but I can’t tell you about it without showing you these vibrant bridesmaids dressesso fun.
Ok, but here’s the greatest website for color palettes. And, even if you know what colors you are using, just look at the pictures because you will get so many ideas for dresses, invites, programs, decorations, it’s so much fun!

How many of you love Sugarland? It doesn’t really matter, because I do. And when I first heard this song in my car, I caught it right in the middle… and when the girl starts doing some kind of reggae country rap thing (just go to about the 2:30 mark and when you see the butt slap, it’s that time), I was like “pleeeease, tell me this is not Sugarland – what are they thinking?”  BUT NOW, I can’t stop listening or dancing, or reggae country rapping along. And honestly, if you only see the lyrics, how sweet and simple is this love song? Wa-Oh, Wa-Oh.

Tomorrow is finally intern Amanda’s wedding!  I can’t wait to see her (and her Jimmy Choos) walk down the aisle.

Pretty Pink Wedding

Brooke from Just Add Water says she’s mildly obsessed with the color gray. Gray is fresh, sleek, and modern — especially when paired with pink, mustard or turquoise.

Here is a sneak peak from a lovely wedding Brooke worked on in July with a color scheme of bright pinks and gray.

The bride carried a bouquet of stargazer lilies, green hybericum berries, pink gerber daisies and bear grass wrapped in ivory ribbon. Her bridesmaids carried hot pink gerber daisy bouquets with green hybericum berries and bear grass which popped off the gray dresses.
Photos by Angela Kay Photography

Happy Fresh Friday!

Can you believe it’s already the end of July? Summer is just flying by …

Happy Fresh Friday!

Issue #11 of Utterly Engaged is available. And I love the concept – bringing in the old with the new. They asked readers to send in pictures of there grandparents/parents wedding. How lovely is this this photo (and the caption, ahhhdorable).  But the issue also tries to bring old style to meet modern. Here’s my e-zine version of Have You Ever/Would you ever:
• Let your entire bridal party wear fishnets? It’s pretty sexy.
• Wear the sweetness (haha – bowtie). This is a great video. No one wants to be accused of wearing a clip-on.
• And how about this hat? Do or don’t – if you are having a circus themed wedding, it would make a do… maybe not.
Speaking of wedding hats… on women, I can’t find a picture, but what the heck did Carrie Bradshaw have on her head at Stanford’s wedding. I disliked that, but thoroughly enjoyed this (Warning: awful video quality, but still great entertainment).

I’m very into single-shoulder dresses right now. Bare some skin because those dresses are fab, for any event. And how stunning is Natalie? Lace, one shoulder, short dress, braided up-do – so classy and beautiful.

And since I threw in some dress fashion, of course shoes are to follow. These (sold out) peacockiness heels make me smile!

Moving on to details! Wedding favors for guests is a popular wedding planning topic. And depending on your colors, theme, style, you can find just about anything days.
Beach themed
Fall themed
and more edible (I want one!)

Speaking of edible – back to my previously mentioned game … Would you ever!

Random wedding fact: Yowza No wonder websites like THIS are out there for you (I just love the name of the site – so blunt and honest).

And to send you on to your merry way for the weekend, here are some cool, indie rockin’ love songs.
You’re What I’m Looking For
The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World


(So happy I found Poptastic Bride this week!)

Country charm

At long last, an actual wedding post! Today photographer Katie Lewis shares a charming country wedding she recently photographed. Enjoy :)

Tenielle and Scott were married at an adorable country church in Leonard, ND. Their wedding was totally and completely about who they are and celebrating their backgrounds. Not to mention incredibly home-made! The groom wore a kilt made in Scotland of his family’s tartan. The bride wore a dress that she designed and made herself. Yup she made her own dress! She also made the bridesmaid dresses!

During and after the ceremony they incorporated wedding traditions from their many backgrounds. For example, they took a piece of tartan and bound their hands together during their vows. This is a Scottish tradition symbolizing being bound together in marriage. As they left the church the wedding party laid fir boughs on the ground for the bride and groom to walk on; a German tradition.

The reception dinner took place on the front lawn of the church. The bride’s brother built a wooden structure behind the couple’s sweetheart table. Every table had beautiful different china. The bride’s mother made all of the food including the amazing desserts!

When the bride and groom left they changed into more comfortable clothes. The bride wore her grandmother’s hat that she wore on her wedding day. They took off on a horse drawn carriage and then took off for their honeymoon in New Zealand.

Fresh Friday!

Happy Friday!

Dear readers, I would love to go to a movie this weekend, any suggestions? There are a few movies I’m getting antsy to see, but just aren’t out yet … such as Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. Has anyone read the book? I just bought it the other day. Book or movie first? Speaking of Julia … it just so happens I found this darling article – Love Lessons from Julia Roberts (movies). Get relationship tips from her characters, like, if you’re in love with your best friend, don’t wait until right before his wedding to tell him so. (Can you guess the movie?)

And something else a little movie related. Back in May I posted a link for a sweet ‘Up’ themed engagement session. They carried the theme over to their wedding! Incredibly sweet. And how cool is it that the writer and producer sent them a gift!! I think my favorite part is the picnic blankets for seating.

I must just be feeling sweet and lovey-dovey today. Here is another sweet wedding, and so intimate – Amy and Chris. It looks like just a couple of friends attended. It’s so quaint and cozy, and beautifully decorated in my favorite vintage fashion!

Please tell me you watch Say Yes to the Dress. I don’t enjoy trying on clothes when I’m shopping, but I love watching these women, these complete strangers, try on wedding dresses. Every once in a while, they have an episode where they have a big sale and women are just waiting outside for the doors to open. Too bad we don’t live near New York, because a big Kleinfeld’s blowout sale is a few days away!

And finally, I didn’t know that this was such a problem…but since it is (apparently), here are some tips for holding your bouquet!?

Fresh … Monday!

Hello, Fresh Wed readers! Life has been busy, to say the least! It is wedding season after all, and all of our lovely Fresh Wed vendors are out and about with their clients at this time of year. But fear not :) This week we are back and have all sorts of beautiful things to share with you. First up, a Fresh Friday that becomes a Fresh Monday from our wedding link expert, Amanda.

A beautiful gift idea, more for a bridal shower than a wedding – heirloom recipe card boxes, that can by Rifle Paper Co. Each box is unique and made from salvaged wood. I love hand-crafted gifts!

Honeymooning at a beach? Check out these reads if you are a Beach Blanket Bookworm! (Even if you aren’t honeymooning, but just need a good summer read, take a peek!)

Everyone has wedding advice, about the ceremony, about the reception, about your budget, your hair, your make-up, and on and on with do’s and don’ts. But, have you ever seen all of the advice in one spot – Check out these 75 Do’s and Don’ts. YES, 75!

And finally, meet Jordan Jordan! How adorable is the note on the back of the program. And how adorable are her yellow shoes!