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Make-up tip: Curl those eyelashes!

Ready for one of the biggest makeup artists’ tricks? I’ll give you a hint: it will make you look well-rested, ten years younger, and look both girly and sexy. Give up? Curling your eyelashes!

If using an eyelash curler intimidates you, you are not alone. Many women avoid using an eyelash curlier because the tool looks difficult to use, or they have heard stories about how eyelash curlers rip out eyelashes or cause permanent damage. But, when used properly, curling your eyelashes is safe, easy, and completely pain free.

While eyelash curlers look like a complicated device, there are essentially two components to the curler: the tool itself, and the rubber or silicone pads between which you place your lashes. Look for eyelash curlers which have a rounded pad, instead of a pad that is squared off around the edges. This ensures a more natural-looking lash curl.

How to Use An Eyelash Curler

Start with clean, dry lashes. While your eye makeup should already be in place, you should not have applied mascara yet. Apply mascara after you curl your lashes.

  • Looking straight into the mirror, open the eyelash curler and place it over the eye, sandwiching your eyelashes are in between the two eyelash pads. You can leave your eye open, or choose to close it, whichever is most comfortable for you. However, you will get a closer curl by leaving your eye open. Make sure the curler is as close to the base of the lash, by the eyelid, as possible.
  • Gently close the curler at the base of the lash. Be as light as possible. Once you feel that you are not pinching any skin, apply more pressure, making sure to keep the pressure firm, but gentle.
  • Move the curler in the center of the lash, and gently apply pressure again, just as you did in the previous step.
  • Repeat with the other eye. Add a coat of your favorite mascara.

Tips and Tricks

Like any makeup application, practice over time makes the process easier. Also, less pressure when using the curl will create a softer, more natural curl. You are using too much pressure if your lash curl results in a harsh, 90-degree angle. The curl should gently sweep up.

Change out the rubber eyelash curler pads every six months. Over time, the elasticity of the pad breaks down and this can impact the result of the curl. If you find that it is difficult to look in the mirror when curling your lashes, look downward slightly and try again.

When removing mascara and eye makeup, work from the outside to inside corner of your eye. Avoid excessive pulling and stretching the delicate skin under your eye. Use a warm washcloth, treated cotton squares with eye makeup remover, or pre-cleansing oils (safe for eyes) to loosen makeup and work toward the corner of your eye to decrease the chance of breaking down elasticity and letting wrinkles creep in.


This post was written by makeup artist Melissa Mercedes with photos by Shawna Noel Photography.

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