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How to hint him towards your perfect ring

Happy snow day! The Red River Valley is currently a snowy, windy, cold mess … we hope everyone is inside enjoying a cup of hot chocolate instead of outside shoveling!

Jewelry stores can be very scary for a man going in with nothing but sheer excitement and love. He wants to knock you off of your feet with something he knows you’ll adore. But how will he know what to look for? You can make his search less frightening by dropping a few hints about the ring you’d love to wear. The ring experts at Wimmer’s Diamonds in Fargo have 90 years of experience in working with both couples and nervous boyfriends. Here, they offer up tips for both the blunt and the shy on how to hint at the right ring.

The most straightforward way to start the conversation about what types of rings you like is to show him a photo. It can be from a magazine, web site or any where. You can be bold and post pictures everywhere he may see it: his briefcase, set as the background of the computer, or on the cereal box.

You can also be a bit more subtle: mention rings as you are passing the pictures in the magazines or store windows and tell him what it is that you like about them. Remember to be clear while being subtle.

If you have a specific “must-have” ring, make sure to tell him exactly what it is and where to find it.

Plan on shopping together for the ring if you’d like a little more say in the ring selection. This works well if you don’t know exactly what you want but have some ideas. This ‘hint’ also aids in picking out your jeweler; the experience you have with the jeweler can make all the difference in the world.

If you find “The One,” but are not purchasing the ring today, make sure to let your guy or jeweler know, then move on to other details (like the center stone!). If you don’t find the ring of your dreams but instead a couple of styles you love, then put the ball in his court. Be sure to tell your jeweler which styles are your favorites and they can keep everything on file for him. When the time is right, he can pick “The One.”

Don’t want to go shopping but still want to have some say about what you get? Have a friend or family member go shopping with him. This is great if you are traditional yet still know what you want. He gets the experience of picking the ring while a friend or family member points him down the right path.

For some woman, the ring and proposal come as a complete surprise. This is best for the true romantic and a man up for a challenge. Most brides who think they want a complete surprise still have given slight hints about their ring, such what type of metal (white gold, yellow gold, platinum) they’d like and what shape and size they’d prefer for the center diamond.

Whichever way you go about it, your engagement ring is one of the most important gifts he will ever give you. It is a symbol of his love and affection and an accessory you will wear for years to come. Help him make it perfect by sending the right cues.

All photos by Shawna Noel Photography


This post comes from the lovely Kayci Wimmer, who works for her family-run jewelry business Wimmer’s Diamonds in Fargo. Wimmer’s has a strong tradition of great customer service in the Red River Valley. Here’s a Q+A with Kayci Wimmer :

How long has Wimmer’s Jewelry been in business?
Wimmer’s has been in business for 90 years, we are just starting 91 years. We celebrated our 90th anniversary with a party in September.

Who is an an ideal client for Wimmer’s Jewelry?
Our niche is bridal jewelry and loose diamonds (the ideal cut). Our clients ranges from young couples starting their lives together with an engagement ring to established couples purchasing the perfect 50th anniversary gift.

What is your favorite part of your job?
It is hard for me to determine this still since I am still new to the business (I started in June 2009). But I would probably say watching new couples coming in for the first time to look at engagement rings and hearing the romance and excitement in a young guy’s voice. The atmosphere and product really do scream romance and tradition. I also LOVE all of the education opportunities – jewelry really is exciting.

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