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Healthy skin tips

Great makeup on your wedding day starts with great skin. Fargo makeup artist Melissa Mercedes offers tips on how to get your face in shape for your big day!

  • If you don’t already have one, start with a skin care regimen at least five months prior to your wedding day. If you have problematic skin visit a dermatologist for help to get back on track.
  • To protect your skin, you must wear sunscreen everyday! Buy a moisturizer with a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or higher.
  • Great skin isn’t just from your cleanser or moisturizer. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and rest!
  • Your wedding day isn’t the time to try a “new look.”  You want to feel comfortable in your own skin. I want to accent your best features ( I’ll go a little richer and contour as flash photography tends to wash you out). The key I believe is to have flawless looking skin. I can achieve that with an airbrush – it’s natural look that leaves you with a beautiful glow. From there I add your lashes and accent your beautiful face!
  • Do not forget your teeth. Crest Whitestrips work very well (be careful not to overuse!) or visit your dentist for a whitening treatment.
  • Plan on waxing your eyebrows? Start months before. If your eyebrows are too thin start growing them out now. They’ll bother you but will be so worth it. Your final wax appointment should be one to two weeks before you wedding day. Remember how important your eyebrows are. They frame your face.

Photos by Milestones Photography


Melissa Mercedes, the make-up genius who worked on the brides in the photos above, is an on-site makeup artist based in Fargo, ND. She loves to enhance her client’s best features and natural beauty on their wedding day. You can check out Melissa’s web site here : Artist Melissa Here’s a Q+A with Melissa.

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been in business for 14 years.

Who is your ideal client?
Someone who appreciates what makeup can do for their confidence (and photographs!) on their wedding day.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love showing up for touch-ups and seeing the beautiful bride in her dress and veil in the midst of all her excitement. I cry every time!

Did you go to school or are you self-taught?
I was trained by the various makeup counters and also trained in Los Angeles specifically for photography and bridal makeup. A lot of being a makeup artist though I believe is based on intuition.

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