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Fresh Friday on Saturday :)

Due to an internet failure yesterday, Fresh Friday becomes Fresh Saturday today! Happy weekend, Fresh Wed readers :)

Now, on to Amanda’s links :

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Looking for a signature drink for the reception (or anytime)? Ideas and recipes for chocolate, fruity, and even themed drinks here and here!

For the Grand Forks area… The North Dakota Museum of Art (located on the UND campus) is having a jewelry sale! It’s not listed on there website, but here is a tweet: Chic: ‘stylish’ or ‘smart’, is an element of fashion and the counterpart of posh. “Antique to Chic” Jewelry Sale and Raffle Sunday from 3-5.

Speaking of jewelry, this neat trinkety (yes, I just made that word up) and personalized locket idea would be perfectly suitable for a bridesmaid gift, or any time gift.

It’s been dreary, and we are all ready for warmth and sunshine. The photos of this trendy Jamaican wedding make me wish I was there! What a party! And the bride’s look is beautifully classy.

Are you getting marriage advice and tips like, “Don’t go to bed angry.” Well, some say it’s OK to break the rules! So go ahead and go to bed angry, put yourself first, and be as boring as you want to (sometimes!).

I’m going to wrap it up with a fashion round up full of gowns and accessories (via What Junebug Loves).
Short wedding dresses for every one’s taste… embellished, simple, floral, tulle, you name it!
Tulle, tulle, tulle – layered, fluffy, and detailed.
Floral embellishments - big, small, top to bottom, or somewhere in the middle.
Gorgeous necklaces - if you are a “go big or go home” type of gal! But they truly are gorgeous.
Clutches - sorry, they already did the giveaway. Still, they are adorable,

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