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Fresh Friday

Happy Friday!

It may have been mentioned before, but I’m exactly the same height as my other half when we are barefoot. So whether he likes it or not, I LOVE HEELS! However, for those of you who would tower over your groom, or for those of you who would prefer to be comfortable and not risk an ankle sprain as you walk down the aisle, check out these ideas for flat wedding shoes!

Is your groom-to-be helping out with the planning? Is he planning most of it? Or nothing at all? Here is a great resource for you Grooms! From popping the question to the honeymoon, your questions are answered at Junebug.

Speaking of planning … do you have concerns about how a few little ones might behave on your special day? Check out some rugrat-friendly advice: Including Children in your Wedding Ceremony, and Tips for a Kid-friendly Wedding.

This makes my heart warm, and I couldn’t help but share Wish Upon a Wedding with all of you.

I’m not yet hip to the whole e-zine idea, but I’m getting there. I still want something tangible (mostly to rip out pages with interesting ideas, file them, and forget about it for months, only to throw them out a year later). But, I recently stumbled upon another resourceful wedding e-zine. So flip through the virtual pages of IZZY!

Lastly, because every once in a while, the sun comes out and the dreary, windy, brisk days of North Dakota show signs of spring to come, this colorful Vintage Eclectic Backyard Chic Wedding makes me happy!

April 3, 2010 - 6:45 am Monica Farrier - As a wedding officiant I'm always looking for creative ideas for ceremonies. Thanks for the great resources!

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