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Fresh Friday!

Just a few fresh Friday thoughts!
Handmade, vintage, do-it-yourself style is very much in right now, and as much as it pains me to say it (because it’s totally my style – with a little dash of hippie/Bohemia), somethings got to be next. What’s the next big theme? I’m hoping maybe decade themes! I’m loving every thing about this 1920s style wedding!

However, I also wouldn’t mind a little more glam. OK, I mean over the top glam. Do you watch My Fair Wedding? Because you should (even though he will never ever be in our area), and to steal a quote from one of his brides, “I don’t want bling bling, I want bling blaow.” (please see the 1:30 mark of this video the quote) For sure. And these GORGEOUS bouquets from Emici would complete that bling.

And to wrap it all up this week, how many celebrities are engaged, getting married, having babies, or expecting babies right now! It’s crazy!! I can’t keep up. But here is a look at the best-dressed celebrity brides!

Enjoy your weekend!

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