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Fresh Friday :)

Fresh Friday! Or should I say Frosty Friday (and not the delicious Wendy’s kind). Our birdbath was frozen and my windshield was frosty. Ugh. We’ve been spoiled this October!

First up – famous love letters. How romantic?

Do you remember YM magazine? Remember taking quizzes, like – What’s Your Celebrity Summer Style? or Are You Attracted to Bad Boys? Well, I’m bringing it back … Which Dynamic Duo Are You?

Bring worldly beauty secrets to your home! Don’t international women always look so good? Maybe these Beauty Secrets from Around the World will give us that Salma Hayek hotness we envy.

New prop alert (balloons are so out… I think :) Ribbon is in. And I can’t talk about ribbon and not share this fabulous beaded ribbon collar. But even as decoration, accessories, and fashion - ribbon is so in.

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