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Fresh Friday!

First this Friday, one of the best first dances EVER – A Dirty Dancing first dance.

Please, click away on i make stuff, by Ashley Meaders. You’ll love it.

I found a great website for color ideas, but I can’t tell you about it without showing you these vibrant bridesmaids dressesso fun.
Ok, but here’s the greatest website for color palettes. And, even if you know what colors you are using, just look at the pictures because you will get so many ideas for dresses, invites, programs, decorations, it’s so much fun!

How many of you love Sugarland? It doesn’t really matter, because I do. And when I first heard this song in my car, I caught it right in the middle… and when the girl starts doing some kind of reggae country rap thing (just go to about the 2:30 mark and when you see the butt slap, it’s that time), I was like “pleeeease, tell me this is not Sugarland – what are they thinking?”  BUT NOW, I can’t stop listening or dancing, or reggae country rapping along. And honestly, if you only see the lyrics, how sweet and simple is this love song? Wa-Oh, Wa-Oh.

Tomorrow is finally intern Amanda’s wedding!  I can’t wait to see her (and her Jimmy Choos) walk down the aisle.

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