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Fresh Friday!

Happy Friday!

Dear readers, I would love to go to a movie this weekend, any suggestions? There are a few movies I’m getting antsy to see, but just aren’t out yet … such as Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. Has anyone read the book? I just bought it the other day. Book or movie first? Speaking of Julia … it just so happens I found this darling article – Love Lessons from Julia Roberts (movies). Get relationship tips from her characters, like, if you’re in love with your best friend, don’t wait until right before his wedding to tell him so. (Can you guess the movie?)

And something else a little movie related. Back in May I posted a link for a sweet ‘Up’ themed engagement session. They carried the theme over to their wedding! Incredibly sweet. And how cool is it that the writer and producer sent them a gift!! I think my favorite part is the picnic blankets for seating.

I must just be feeling sweet and lovey-dovey today. Here is another sweet wedding, and so intimate – Amy and Chris. It looks like just a couple of friends attended. It’s so quaint and cozy, and beautifully decorated in my favorite vintage fashion!

Please tell me you watch Say Yes to the Dress. I don’t enjoy trying on clothes when I’m shopping, but I love watching these women, these complete strangers, try on wedding dresses. Every once in a while, they have an episode where they have a big sale and women are just waiting outside for the doors to open. Too bad we don’t live near New York, because a big Kleinfeld’s blowout sale is a few days away!

And finally, I didn’t know that this was such a problem…but since it is (apparently), here are some tips for holding your bouquet!?

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