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Fresh Friday

Happy Friday! Today’s Fresh Friday is kind of a mixed bag of ideas. I get so bookmark happy during the week, and when I go back to look at them, not everything really flows together. Much like my days! Enjoy!

First up, I’m a desert lover – cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, chocolate, even if it’s just a small Andes dinner mint, I will even eat it after breakfast. As much as I love wedding cake, I’m really loving the popularity of cupcakes. There is so much you can do with displaying and colors and flavors! Check out this DIY cupcake stand.

Speaking of DIY, check out this massive gallery of wedding favor ideas, and if you are a DIY-er, you must look at this bargain shop online Save On Crafts! Vases, bowls, lighting, ribbon, tulle, feathers, flowers, favors, guest books, balloons, even jewelry – what a bargain.

Look at this, I’m grouping my thoughts together … While on the topic of favors and decorations, I have a new plant fascination – air plants. They are fantastic little guys. Don’t let the name fool you, they do need a soak in some water about once a week, but you can put them ANYWHERE, without soil! Just look at what this hotel does with them. They look like mini fireworks. They would make great table pieces, especially in glass containers. They are not that expensive, and there are colors: Pink, red, yellow, but this spiral shape is my favorite.

I think these little self-watering pots would make great gifts – anytime!

It must be the weather, but I’m loving plants and flowers at the moment. But to bring it in to bridal style, Martha’s idea of the day: Fresh Flowers for Your Hair. You could work a flower into almost all of these celeb styles.

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria was married on June 19th. But it was a weekend-long affair, and I love her classic, royal style. What a fairly tale. Or does everyone begin their wedding weekend with a concert gala!?

It may not be a royal wedding, but who wouldn’t want cute little guys at their wedding? I just love this real wedding – at a wildlife park! Put them at the top of your guest list – giraffes and penguins!

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