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Fresh Friday!

Helloooo Friday!

Let’s start of with some color, color, color – brighten things up after that dreadful weather yesterday.
And what better style for color than style from the ’80s! I have no idea who could pull this off, but I’m tempted. How totally rad would it be to get an invite to an ’80s-themed wedding?! See more color from this shoot here – including shoes, headband, flowers.

But why stop at accessories? Not all bridal gowns are white. But if you do go for white, add some pop with snazzy shoes (if your are getting married around here, these days you may need the galoshes).

Speaking of shoes, my friend, Toni, recently walked down the aisle. How adorable are these boots? Her dress was long and covered them, so I’m so happy we have this photo. They need to be seen!

photo by Brandi Coldwell,

But enough about fashion and style (NEVER!), but yes, moving on. I have not seen the movie Bride Wars, with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, but I’m sure that quite often friends and relatives are planning weddings in the same year. You are both starting to make arrangements … and you want to avoid conflict. How do you avoid Bride Wars? (Has anyone seen the movie? Thumbs up or down?)

Recently, I stumbled upon a wedding site from the UK. You & Your Wedding covers everything – planning, beauty, honeymoons, gifts. And I had no idea that rehearsal dinners were a US tradition, and the trend is headed to the UK. And, for that giving groom of yours – if he needs tips on ways to be romantic.

This MSN feature is pretty great, msn glo! Here are some relationship reads: The Husband Whisperer (I love that), and 9 Secrets Happy Couples Shouldn’t Keep.

June 21, 2010 - 1:31 pm Amanda K - Amanda, I have seen Bride Wars, obviously, and I laughed so hard I cried. So hilarious. And slightly true :)

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