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Fresh Friday!

I just can’t get enough sunshine and spring/summer warmth. And because of that, I’m in a floraly (yes, made up word) mood and I’m sharing it with you. Recently, I’ve decided that even dandelions, when they are yellow and in a full field (not my yard, but actually wild) can be a happy sight. Wildflowers could make for some lovely wedding decor. And there are plenty of creative ways to display them on tables: Bottles or glass (I love the variety of shapes and sizes), antique containers, wooden boxes,  even shot glasses! Or add floral touches in other aspects of the day! Check out this decorating guide from Pottery Barn.

On the fashion front, I have an update. A while back I mentioned TOMS wedding line. Now, they are introducing wedges! These are much more feminine then the wedding style, and if you still feel as if you would like to contribute to their cause, I think the wedges are a great summer shoe choice. And bridesmaids would love them, because much like dresses, how often do you wear the shoes again? Just look at the wedge possibilities from the city sage!

Have you heard – the new Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer Issue is available! And it’s dedicated to DIY. Here are some of my favorites (and these slide shows are lenthy, so make sure you have time to browse):
Good Things for Summer Weddings
Cake and Cupcake Toppers
Wedding Updos

I’m going to end today with a song. A happy song. A love song. A song I can listen to over and over. At first, I just loved the music and instruments. Then I decided I love the singer’s voice. Then, I actually listened to the lyrics. And if you listen long enough, in the last few seconds he describes the true meaning. Please enjoy Excuses, by The Morning Benders.

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