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Category Archives: makeup

Wedding day makeup: What to avoid

Instead of the usual list of items to do on your wedding day, makeup artist Melissa Mercedes is sharing her list of items to avoid when getting all made-up for your big day. 1. Don’t skip foundation. Even if you have flawless skin, it won’t show in photographs unless you apply foundation. You see, the...

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Make-up tip: Curl those eyelashes!

Ready for one of the biggest makeup artists’ tricks? I’ll give you a hint: it will make you look well-rested, ten years younger, and look both girly and sexy. Give up? Curling your eyelashes! If using an eyelash curler intimidates you, you are not alone. Many women avoid using an eyelash curlier because the tool looks...

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Healthy skin tips

Great makeup on your wedding day starts with great skin. Fargo makeup artist Melissa Mercedes offers tips on how to get your face in shape for your big day! If you don’t already have one, start with a skin care regimen at least five months prior to your wedding day. If you have problematic skin...

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