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Carnations can be chic

Nothing quite makes a wedding like the proper use of flowers. Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can sometimes be a delicate battle between your dreams and your budget.

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Brooke from Just Add Water suggests taking another look at carnations … you know, that pesky flower we all generally love to hate. If used creatively, the lowly carnation can be turned into something beautiful, modern and very chic!

So it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce you to the pretty, sweet, ruffly carnation.

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Brooke suggests a few ways of using carnations in interesting ways :

Make a statement: Grouping identical items together in a small space can creates a strong statement piece. The illusion of volume created by the multiple carnations has more impact than one big centerpiece would.

Budget bride : If you hope to have flowers galore at your wedding, carnations might be your best option. Each stem averages two dollars, making the carnation easier to design with on a large scale. Plus, the blooms are so durable that you don’t have to worry about your flowers wilting. Carnation arrangements can last up to two weeks!

Use shapes: Carnations work well in clean geometric shapes. You can try using squares, rectangles or even more unconventional shapes like trapezoids in your centerpieces.

Keep it monochrome: Size isn’t the only way to make a big statement. The bold use of one color can also grab the attention of your guests.

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Extra bonus about carnations: They are in season all year and are available in a rainbow of colors. Do you have any ideas for creative uses for carnations?

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