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Fresh Friday!

It’s supposed to snow this weekend … and there is a high of 17 today :(  I was spoiled by the long fall weather.

I’m bringing you bright colors to warm up your day: Are you bold enough to have your reception this colorful?

Speaking of colors, how gorgeous is this floral art? Doesn’t it look like a brooch bouquet? I haven’t really found a brooch bouquet yet that would make me want to give up a traditional flower bouquet… except for maybe Chelsea’s bouquet. Gorgeous – and that dress? Love.

I may have told you this, but at a family wedding a few years back, my grandfather was complaining about how the girls in the wedding party get all dolled up – they get their hair styled, sometimes get their makeup done… “That’s not what you normally look like. That’s not you. Why do you have to do that?” He has a point. But I think girls like any chance they can to get dolled up, especially if someone else does the work! So on your special day, why not turn head with party makeup or fall runway hair!

And while your at it – why not a stunning dress, too? Steal a look from one of the 12 best dresses of the decade. I am in love with Kate Hudson’s Versace, even if it is from 7 years ago!

I’ve already asked if you were bold enough for the color, but are you daring enough to tape this sign to your bumper?

And I’m wrapping today up with a bit of wedding etiquette. Do you ever wonder who, when, and how much you are supposed to tip? Here is some vendor tipping advice.

Stay warm this weekend!

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