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Welcome to Fresh Wed!

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Fresh Wed is a selective group of wedding vendors in North Dakota and Minnesota who share a fresh outlook on the wedding industry. Through this blog, group members will offer advice and tips for wedding planning, show real weddings + engagement stories from the area, and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the wedding industry.

Fresh Friday

Today’s theme is … I do, aaand I don’t!

I do love music, and I do love creating my own playlists, and I will be doing that for my own wedding – Popular music for DIY playlist!

I do love, love love love, I do, wedding backdrops, garland, and streamers as decoration pieces:
I do love streamers of ribbon. I do love streamers of fabric.
I don’t usually love doilies, but I love the doily backdrop.
I don’t love coffee, unless it tastes like caramel, vanilla, milk, and sugar (and at the point do we need to call it coffee?), but I do love this coffee filter garland.

Apparently I love billy balls (?) as centerpieces (the yellow things – I had no idea that’s what they are called).

I don’t love butterflies. Let me rephrase that, I do love real butterflies, I don’t think I like butterfly decorations. Do you?

I do love my fast food, but I don’t think I love McWeddings.  But if I did, I do love there decorations. How the heck do you lease a balloon dress?!?


Fresh (funny) Friday

Happy Fresh Funny Friday! Just a couple of things today – that hopefully put a smile on your face.

First, I’m so incredibly happy that I found better off wed. Posts are short, sweet, easy to read, and 100% relate-able … not to mention, funny.
Here are a few to get you started:
selective hearing, things they don’t tell you when you get married #475, and those kind of girls.

Second, and finally (I said just a couple!), how do you feel about Bridesmaids the movie? I’m expecting too much, which I think will ruin my feelings towards it once I get around to seeing it.
That’s all, carry on, and keep smiling. IT’S THE WEEKEND (and it’s warm . . . er).

Fresh Friday!

Just a few fresh Friday thoughts!
Handmade, vintage, do-it-yourself style is very much in right now, and as much as it pains me to say it (because it’s totally my style – with a little dash of hippie/Bohemia), somethings got to be next. What’s the next big theme? I’m hoping maybe decade themes! I’m loving every thing about this 1920s style wedding!

However, I also wouldn’t mind a little more glam. OK, I mean over the top glam. Do you watch My Fair Wedding? Because you should (even though he will never ever be in our area), and to steal a quote from one of his brides, “I don’t want bling bling, I want bling blaow.” (please see the 1:30 mark of this video the quote) For sure. And these GORGEOUS bouquets from Emici would complete that bling.

And to wrap it all up this week, how many celebrities are engaged, getting married, having babies, or expecting babies right now! It’s crazy!! I can’t keep up. But here is a look at the best-dressed celebrity brides!

Enjoy your weekend!

Fresh Friday

Ready for randomness this Friday? Because it’s coming … I guess every Fresh Friday is a bit random, but this one is definitely up there!

First up, personalized gifts your guest might actually love! What are you doing for guest gifts?

And, also, for your guests – I love the idea of signature drinks (and there are 64 more ways to trim your budget!).

There are no more rules… when it comes to you, your day, your party – from adult only to brunch receptions, here are some tips to help you with invitation wording.

Now, pay attention to you! Do you have a favorite song for your first dance? Here’s First Dance Songs from Martha!

Back to the guests!!
Boring seating? Just add lace.

And present guests their dessert in style with colorful cake stands!

Enough with the guests, what about winter brides!!
Cover up this winter with lovely bits like these boleros and shrugs.

And I will never grow tired of big, bold, necklaces. Never.

It’s Friday, and it’s winter, and I wish I was enjoying this lovely garden party right now. Gorgeous. Sigh.

Hello – I loved being on vacation … in 70 degree weather. But, I also enjoy home. And in honor of the weather here at home, here is some winter wedding inspiration:
Ski inspired mood board

This beaded bouquet is incredibly unique, and not to mention gorgeous (Scroll through the pictures to see more and the boutonnieres).

For some reason, in the last month or so of my browsing, I’m drawn to dresses… and loving non-traditional ones – or truly affordable ones, like these gems.

I am a big fan of this real wedding, Jessica and Jason. From the white wall of flowers to her stunning red lipstick (as a redhead myself, I’m so happy to see this bold move work out beautifully for her.

And there is no way I could leave this Fresh Friday without sharing this eight-year-wait proposal story, written by the groom-to-be … I can imagine a certain someone reading this and agreeably shouting the entire time, “YES! See, it’s not just me.” :)  I read it thinking, “I’ve heard this somewhere …”

Fresh Friday!

It’s supposed to snow this weekend … and there is a high of 17 today :(  I was spoiled by the long fall weather.

I’m bringing you bright colors to warm up your day: Are you bold enough to have your reception this colorful?

Speaking of colors, how gorgeous is this floral art? Doesn’t it look like a brooch bouquet? I haven’t really found a brooch bouquet yet that would make me want to give up a traditional flower bouquet… except for maybe Chelsea’s bouquet. Gorgeous – and that dress? Love.

I may have told you this, but at a family wedding a few years back, my grandfather was complaining about how the girls in the wedding party get all dolled up – they get their hair styled, sometimes get their makeup done… “That’s not what you normally look like. That’s not you. Why do you have to do that?” He has a point. But I think girls like any chance they can to get dolled up, especially if someone else does the work! So on your special day, why not turn head with party makeup or fall runway hair!

And while your at it – why not a stunning dress, too? Steal a look from one of the 12 best dresses of the decade. I am in love with Kate Hudson’s Versace, even if it is from 7 years ago!

I’ve already asked if you were bold enough for the color, but are you daring enough to tape this sign to your bumper?

And I’m wrapping today up with a bit of wedding etiquette. Do you ever wonder who, when, and how much you are supposed to tip? Here is some vendor tipping advice.

Stay warm this weekend!

Fresh Friday, with love

Happy Friday – I love Fridays, and I love weekends where I have nothing planned … So, in honor of this lovely weekend and my lovey mood, today is just an assortment of things I’ve loved this week.

I love Christy’s slight messy, romantic up do.
I love Julia’s side braid.

I love these colorful flowers.

I love the vintage jewelry at Sora Designs. You can go simple with a white gardenia, or fabulously glam with a sequins peacock!

Speaking of necklaces, I love Margaret’s pearls.

I love Tori’s cake and short dresses.

I love this table assignment display.

I love broswing this wedding style online lookbook.

I love how adorable this girl is, from her hair to her dainty makeup. I also love Twigs and Honey.

I love browsing for gifts at Uncommon Goods.

Have a LOVELY weekend <3

Fresh Friday!

An all- Martha round-up!

Fall is officially here. Actually, it seems like it might even be almost over – brr.

Fall Decoration ideas
Fall dress collections

A wedding location for every state – what’s your hot spot?

Ideas for rehearsal dinners.

First-timers, seasoned-travelers, relaxers, or off the beaten pathers – Honeymoons, Two Ways

Fresh Friday :)

Fresh Friday! Or should I say Frosty Friday (and not the delicious Wendy’s kind). Our birdbath was frozen and my windshield was frosty. Ugh. We’ve been spoiled this October!

First up – famous love letters. How romantic?

Do you remember YM magazine? Remember taking quizzes, like – What’s Your Celebrity Summer Style? or Are You Attracted to Bad Boys? Well, I’m bringing it back … Which Dynamic Duo Are You?

Bring worldly beauty secrets to your home! Don’t international women always look so good? Maybe these Beauty Secrets from Around the World will give us that Salma Hayek hotness we envy.

New prop alert (balloons are so out… I think :) Ribbon is in. And I can’t talk about ribbon and not share this fabulous beaded ribbon collar. But even as decoration, accessories, and fashion - ribbon is so in.

Fresh Friday!

Short and sweet today! Just one link:

Please watch the story of Danny and Annie.